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Bill Chaffin
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Zig Ziglar says in the book’s foreword, “I don’t recall a time in our country’s history when Bill Chaffin’s message would have been more important or more relevant”.

Nothing But Net promises to have a broad appeal to students, young adults and parents and will have a profound impact on corporate culture.

The story unfolds about a husband, father, businessman and athlete who was riding the crest in business and enjoyed the status of the All-American family.

The tinsel and glitter of Hollywood created a blind side, resulting in a poor judgment call that saw Bill Chaffin’s life unravel. He went from the mountaintop to the pit. Bill lost his honor and freedom for his mistake. Through this dark period in his life he discovered the missing ingredients that helped restore his life.

The good news is that a major failure is not fatal nor is it final. This book will teach you how to put the broken pieces of your life back together when your dreams have been shattered!

It can also be a valuable tool to help you and those you love enjoy the benefits of living a life of integrity.



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