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Free Throw Shooting Coach:

Having sound fundamental skills in shooting the basketball is important, but the mental approach to shooting the free throw is critical. Winning is an attitude. Mental toughness separates the great ones from the good ones.

One of the most fun aspects of basketball shooting competition is refusing to yield to pressure. Your nervous system is tested when the pressure becomes intense, but develop a reputation as a basketball player with ice water in your veins.

Athletes have gone from 50% to 90% at the free throw line in 5 two hour sessions in my one on one coaching strategies. Their self worth and confidence soars, as their long shots and entire game is enhanced dramatically. You can expect me to do the same for you.


Your pithy remarks and enthusiasm clearly added a valuable thought provoking message we can all use in our daily objectives. Two of the attributes that make our people successful -- your "Never Give Up" and "Outwork" competition examples really found their mark.
Robert C. Hunter, President, Pepsi Co. Food Systems Worldwide

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