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Mission Statements :

Taking a paragraph for a company's mission statement and developing a comprehensive corporate mission statement, where employees from the top to the lowest ranking person can see themselves in the mission statement.

The goal is to have every employee pull together, realizing there are certain variables that they must do correctly every time. Doing the right thing right the first time around is where the action is!

When your fellow co-workers are encouraged and trained to have a spirit of unity and to work in harmony toward a common goal , you can do some things as a team that you have never done before.

To be internal entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs within an entrepreneurial setting means you have empowered your people to take initiative and risk something in being all they can be. This creates a pro-active environment that is highly productive. Remember, there is no limit to what you can do as a team if it doesn't matter who gets the credit.


Several years ago, Bill Chaffin met with me and discussed my philosophy and passion for my business. After meeting with several others on our staff, he composed a detailed Mission Statement for our business that captured the intent, purpose and passion of our business. The mission statement serves as the chassis from which decisions regarding the future are made. Even though new employees don't always adhere to the company philosophy, those that stay eventually do. It is of great value to have the values of our organization so succinctly communicated.

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