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Keynote & Motivational Speaking:

It is my passion to encourage employees at every level to take the usual and make it unusual, to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, and to take the common and make it uncommon.

Your people will be introduced to some new tools for their survival kits and their existing tills will be sharpened.

There is nothing sacred about untapped potential. I will give your people a new pair of glasses where they will have a fresh look at seeing themselves reaching for and developing their full potential.

Regardless of how high tech you become in the areas of hardware and software, it is peopleware that drives your company.

You will discover my high touch message will help nurture your high tech dream.

It is the norm for me to customize my Keynotes and 6-part seminar series. The material that is shared is people driven, sales driven, service driven, and values driven.

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